Customers' Letters

Customer Reviews of Samior

Hi Chris,  I sent you a DM on Instagram. My name is Jim Snyder. I’m a designer and knife maker in Waco, TX. I am also the Design and Marketing manager at Wolf Manufacturing here in Waco. I haven’t purchased any of your knives yet but I have looked at all the photos and I’ve seen the reviews on Amazon. You have a really good thing going but if you had some help with your marketing you could do really well in the US market. I look at EDC knife social media feeds on a daily basis and I understand what American men with disposable income want to spend their money on. If you are interested in working together, I can help you craft your US brand and increase your sales.   It would be nice if I could make a few bucks working with you but honestly I mostly just want to help you because I think it would be fun and I would like to see you succeed. I always wanted to make folders myself but just haven’t had the means. This is a way I could be a part of a knife company that makes folders and give creative input, which is just doing what I love to do.  Let me know if you’d like to work together. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and pull the trigger and purchase a GP035 from Amazon. Then I can take some photos and videos and show you some ideas I have.  Thanks for your consideration,  Jim