Samior S12 Mini SlipJoint 3# Scalpel Handle Folding Pocket Knife

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What's In Your Pocket is Important!



Samior S12 Mini SlipJoint Scalpel Folding Pocket Knife with 10pcs #11 Replaceable Blade, Black G10 Handle Utility EDC Keychain Knife for Box Cutting, Crafting 0.5oz

  1. Think Miniature - Overall L:112mm/4.4", Blade L:45mm/1.75", Handle L:66mm/2.6"
  2. Safety Features - Slip joint detent secures the titanium blade holder in place when completely unfolded or closed to keep you safe while using it. The S12 ensures the blade cannot be removed or dismantled while the blade is fully extended for added peace of mind.
  3. Tiny and Lightweight - The extra micro folder knife experience an ultrasharp scalpel blade with a minimalist and ergonomic shape for all utility tasks like box cutting, package opening, hobby DIY, and craft work.
  4. Never Need Sharpen - If you love a razor-sharp knife, but hate having to sharpen it, then this is the perfect one comes with 10 extra surgical blades


  • Come with 10pcs #11 Blades Blades
  • G10 Handle
  • Overall Length:112mm/4.4"
  • Blade Length:45mm/1.75"
  • Handle Length:66mm/2.6"
  • Weight:0.5 oz
  • Package: Black Box
  • Ensure you are over 18 years old before placed the order.