5 New Interesting Knives - Neeves Knives

5 New Interesting Knives - Neeves Knives

Bang! Neves Knives.

Hi, I'm Jared, and this is five interesting knives. Now, this knife, I did well, let me just back up, I did a video the other week, um, on seven interesting knives. Now, the one I had first was a knife similar to this that was a tonto, but the quality was really bad. So, I tried to find one that was a little bit better quality. This is a Samuel, Sammy, your knife. Now, it has way better quality than that other one. It is a titanium frame lock CEO knife with a pocket clip and they say M390 steel. I doubt it's real M390, especially for the price. Um, M390 is a super steel. This is most likely a 440C or D2. I can't confirm that, but I haven't seen them tested, so I don't think so.


Now, um, this knife though does come in lots of different options. They have carbon fiber options, they have milled titanium. Now, the action on it is very, very good. The flipper tab is nice and comfortable, very snappy detent. The lock bar, you can unlock it, and it is on a ball bearing pivot, so it is very smooth on the drop, very, very snappy. Now, it does not have a steel lock bar insert. I would prefer if it did. This is a steel lock bar insert, this is the Hinderer XM, 18 3 inch, but this is very, very expensive compared to this. But even budget knives come with a steel lock bar insert a lot of times, and what that does is it lets steel, you see the little insert right there, steel on steel contact instead of the titanium hitting the steel. Now, it's not a big deal for this titanium to hit the steel as long as the lock face is carbidized, and I don't know if they would have carbidized this lock face being this price, but what will happen is over time, it might get a little sticky, it might, you know, like be a little gritty when you unlock it. All you want to do is just come over here to the lock face right here, this little part right there, and put lead or permanent marker right there, and that'll help it not stick no more. So, but I would have rather them just put a lock bar insert. Very, very smooth, very slim in the hand, very solid, surprisingly solid. It does not hit anything on the closed position, very nice closing. Let's check the centering, nice and centered, very, very nice. First, you know, it is a cheap little knife, and I know they have a lot of different versions of this, but it's not bad. Um, yeah, you can probably get a lot more for your money, but if you're looking for a little CEO knife, they do have the CRKT CEO that actually is pretty good quality.

Here is a leather sheath that comes with it. Let me see how you do this. You just slip it in, and you can carry it like that if you want, or you just carry it in your pocket like this. There's also a little loop that goes on here, but very, very cool. Let's get to the next one.

Now, this next one, Titanium Frame Lock, is a little titanium frame lock with a clip, replaceable razor blade, which it does give you some replaceable blades, where they're little surgical blades, and these blades are micro thin. Look at how thin that is, holy cow! This thing is going to cut so good. And the one thing I do kind of like about this is instead of it being right here, you can hold it right here like this. You can really get fine because you can put your middle finger right there, your top finger right there, and really getting a fine detail, and then whenever it gets dull, you just pull it off and replace it with another one. It is a frame lock, and this one does have a steel lock bar insert, very cool, nice little clip, very snappy action. Now, it also has good access to the lock bar, so it's very easy to disengage. You just move this right over, move that out of the way, let it drop. Now, it is on ball bearings, but it's not as smooth as that bigger one. This one's not drop shutty or anything, but it's because it's so light. And what I mean by drop shutty is like this, or just drops. This is the Kaiser roach. I was just testing this thing out today out in the woods, testing the steel and stuff, but this is gonna be this is a little bit better quality.

We have the pocket clip screw right there, and then we have a little lanyard tube if you wanted to put a lanyard on it. Nice little stop pin right there.

And this is a very lightweight knife, so you don't really need anything extravagant. Lockup is very solid, nice and solid, so this isn't bad quality. I don't know how long it would last, but you know, it does have the replaceable blades. It seems like, you know, as long as you kept it oiled, you know, the detent and the uh, the bearings on the inside, it seems like it would last a good long time. And you can clip it right to your fifth pocket or something like that, you know, clip it to your pocket or wherever you want to clip it. Awesome little knife...

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