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Unlocking the knife is notably smoother with this model, and a direct comparison with the CEO highlights this aspect. The geometry of the blade is slightly improved, thanks to the full-flat grind. Although the two knives are quite similar in dimensions and slimness, I find the lock bar on this model much easier to manipulate. The drop action is exceptionally smooth, and the detent remains satisfyingly crisp.

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ceo, crkt, edc, gentleman, GP035, knife, samior, slim folder, titanium -

"between these two knives, I personally prefer the Samior. It feels higher quality and more refined to me. The Samior comes at a higher price point due to its titanium handles and M390 steel, which, in my opinion, is worth the extra cost. Both knives, however, are of good quality."

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You might be wondering why we use Titanium for so many of our knife handles and keychains. The fact is that when choosing a knife, the handle is just as important as the blade. A good handle will be comfortable to hold, durable, and resistant to corrosion. Titanium is a great choice for knife handles because it offers all of these qualities and more. Key Takeaway #1: Titanium is strong and durable Titanium is a very strong metal, even stronger than steel. This makes it ideal for knife handles, which need to be able to withstand a lot of wear...

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