7 Great CEO Style Knives

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7 Great CEO Style Knives

This video wast posted on October 19, 2021 on YouTube by  Neeves Knives. Thank you SO much to Neeves Knives for this great review of our GP035 Titanium knife and how it compares to other similar knives. Please go check out all his great video reviews and give him a like and subscribe!

"...in my opinion, this is a superior version of the CEO. This model (the Samior GP035 Titanium) also offers the option of including a leather sheath. There is an abundance of choices available for this knife, including variations in materials such as D2, M390, G10, and aluminum. While I haven't personally verified the steel options, the CEO models here come in HCR, so I assume even their D2 or M390 variants wouldn't be much worse than that in terms of quality. For M390, like the one I have here, it is exceptionally affordable. The heat treatment might not be top-tier, but given the intended tasks and nature of this knife, I'm confident it will perform adequately.

The version I possess boasts a very responsive detent and features a titanium frame lock. While they're not in the extremely budget-friendly range, considering the use of materials, they are remarkably cost-effective for a combination of titanium and M390 steel. There are less expensive iterations available as well, such as those with G10 or aluminum handles and D2 steel instead of M390. The knife arrived with a decent edge, which further improved after a few stropping sessions. Accessibility to the lock bar is notably better than the CEO model. The knife operates very smoothly due to its caged bearings. The flipper tab is ergonomic and offers a satisfying snap.

This knife is compact and slender, making it a comfortable fit in the hand or pocket. Its slim profile is akin to that of a basic pen, which makes it an excellent choice for those seeking such dimensions. This style of knife is sought after for its ability to effortlessly slip into narrow spaces while providing a practical, elongated blade for slicing and opening tasks. Although its geometry might not be optimal, it performs capably in light slicing activities and general utility purposes. It's an impressive tool for those who prefer the CEO style, and in my opinion, it outshines the CEO.

Unlocking the knife is notably smoother with this model, and a direct comparison with the CEO highlights this aspect. The geometry of the blade is slightly improved, thanks to the full-flat grind. Although the two knives are quite similar in dimensions and slimness, I find the lock bar on this model much easier to manipulate. The drop action is exceptionally smooth, and the detent remains satisfyingly crisp."

Neeves Knives

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