It is Definitely a Gentleman's Knife

It is Definitely a Gentleman's Knife

I almost want to call it a fancy pants knife but that would make it sound less of a blade than it is. It definitely has a fancy feel to it but not in an emasculating way, if that makes sense.

I have been an avid knife collector and user since I was 5 years old and hustled my grandma into buying me a cub scout folder. So for over 30 years, I have carried a knife on me everywhere I go. The only time I don't have one on me is when I am told I can't have one, airports, courthouses, and basically all government buildings, and even then I make them tell me to put it elsewhere and put up a stink about relinquishing the most useful TOOL anyone can have.

As I have gotten older and find myself in more and more respectable establishments surrounded by more and more people who are uneasy at the idea of a knife because they only see it as a weapon and not a tool. Due to this flock of gaspers I have been forced to find a knife, I can carry that doesn't look like a knife and isn't easily noticed.

This knife just might be the best candidate yet. It really does resemble a pen, much more so than the CRKT CEO blade, which I have but the blade broke in half doing some basic knife work so I am rather bitter at that contender. I have the Boker urban trapper, which I initially really liked but the lock-up started failing and then it just went downhill from there. The Kershaw chill is a fantastic low price everyday carry but it is very obvious about being a knife but a great beater knife.

I have put this knife through everyday use for a few weeks now and it is holding up nicely. I am not gentle with my tools, even if they are gentleman's tools. This is a thin knife and reminds me of a scalpel but it's not at all awkward to open or use, even for my very large hands.
The ball bearings make it flip open with a satisfying snap and is just as fast as an assisted knife. The lock-up is solid and there is no blade play or wiggle when it's open. When its closed the blade sits perfectly centered and concealed in the handle. It came sharp enough to shave with, I honed it to an almost surgical edge with minimal effort and have been able to maintain it well.
I was initially reluctant to pay the price they are asking for this tool but after seeing the quality of it I understand why they are charging as much as they are. It's not a crap junk drawer 3 dollar folder, it's a well-crafted tool.

All in all, this is a fantastic little everyday carry that can slip by unnoticed but be ready in an instant when u need it to be. It seems to be at home in the more distinguished settings and is the best example of a gentleman's knife I have found to date. It is not an intimidating tactical assisted knife for combat prone individuals, but if it were needed as protection I am fairly certain it is just as stabby cutty as any other knife out there.

I took a photo of the knives I spoke about and a couple of others open and in line. From left to right 1.this knife here. 2.CRKT CEO (POS, I add that part because my blade broke) 3. Boker urban trapper. 4. Kershaw chill.

I added a photo of how it looks carried in the pants. Yes, I cut a slit in every pair of pants around the 2nd beltloop just big enough for my knife to slide my knife into. It is usually supported by the added seam and makes my pockets easier to get into and grab all the other essentials I lug around daily, plus it adds to concealment. I have yet to have a beltloop rip off or pants tear any larger than the slit I cut. If I made pants I would make this as mandatory as a 5th pocket. You are welcome.

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