Samior executive "CEO" frame lock with M390... the BEST in class!

Samior executive "CEO" frame lock with M390... the BEST in class!

This video was posted on September 19, 2022 on YouTube by Point Pleasant. Thanks so much to Point Pleasant for your thoughtful review of the GP035 Titanium Gentleman Folder. Please go check out all his great review videos, like and subscribe!

"Greetings from Point Pleasant! Today, I'm excited to introduce the latest addition to our knife collection – the Samior, sourced from Amazon. This particular model features m390 steel. If we flip it over, the distinctive Samior logo is prominently displayed. Notably, the scales are crafted from titanium, providing a robust build. The blade itself is made of m390 steel, renowned for its exceptional properties.

In my quest for this unique blade, I scoured Blade HQ and Knife Center, but it appears that the Samior is exclusively available on Amazon. Interestingly, the standout feature upon its arrival is its impressive sharpness. I can confidently attest that this blade rivals the sharpest of tools. I've effortlessly sliced through steak and various materials, testament to its exceptional sharpness.

Moreover, the locking mechanism is sturdy, a concern raised by many enthusiasts. Despite the blade's slender profile, which contributes to its outstanding slicing capabilities, the lock-up is secure. Shoutout to Neeve's Knives for bringing my attention to this gem.

While some might find fault with the frame lock's slight grittiness during opening and closing, the action itself is remarkably smooth. Operating the knife single-handedly poses no challenge, a testament to its ergonomic design. Left-handed individuals should also find its operation intuitive if they're accustomed to frame and liner locks.

Regarding the finer details, the blade's centering is surprisingly accurate – a testament to its craftsmanship. Although adequately conveying blade centering can be tricky, rest assured that my particular piece boasts commendable alignment.

To sum it up, the Samior offers tremendous value at just $59 via Amazon. Its swift delivery ensures you can have it in your hands promptly. I've personally earmarked this blade for camping and food preparation due to its eight-inch overall length, with the handle measuring approximately four and a quarter inches. The cutting edge spans roughly three and three-quarters inches, although I admit precise measurement can be challenging without a tape measure at hand.

In the realm of compact executive knives, the Samior stands out as one of the most compelling options I've encountered. I was compelled to acquire one for myself – the allure was irresistible. As always, thank you for joining me here in Point Pleasant. If you found this video enjoyable, don't hesitate to show your appreciation by giving it a thumbs up. Your support is greatly appreciated!"

Point Pleasant

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